What does having a financial planner actually mean? It means you have a friend to watch your financial back. Someone to give you advice and bounce ideas back and forth with whenever you need it. Not to judge you, but to truly help you. Someone who will keep you accountable and remind you why you're doing what you're doing; the goals you want to achieve. Not just for this week or this month, but for the next 30 years. 

To begin, we do the initial planning over 3 steps (as illustrated).

Good financial advice is about more than numbers, it takes into account who you are as a person. The Discovery Meeting is where we start the conversation.

We’re not just going over the old standards of saving and investing. We’re talking student loans, credit cards and benefits, budgeting, and automating your finances to help make your day-to-day easier. The Foundation Meeting is where I show how I can specifically help you.

After we’ve figured out what you need to do, I don’t disappear. I help you do it! And I’ll get on your ass until it gets done. That’s true implementation.

The hard part comes after the initial implementation. It’s maintaining, sticking to, and updating the plan as life changes. Over the course of a typical year there will be:

  • Detailed annual reviews

  • Mid-year updates

  • Quarterly email check ins and follow ups

I will provide updates and any recommended changes from the continuous review of your financial life throughout the year. Such as your savings goals, debt, credit cards, investments, and insurance. Check out the full Advising Program Infographic.

I believe there are five core benefits and values a good financial planner can provide over the life of a relationship. I strive every single day to help improve my clients' lives with these in mind. So, want to be more organized or feel financially empowered? Let's do it.

Work With Me In Comfort From Anywhere

Whether you're 10 miles away or 10,000, we can have the same excellent experience.

Live in a different state? You wouldn't be the only one of my clients. Google Hangouts has our back. We'll still have great "face-to-face" conversations.

Don't want to make the 20 minute drive from Central PHX? Same. I got you.

No matter where you are in the world, we can handle your finances on your terms. All you need is decent WiFi.