ASHA Leader Blog: Financial Tips for Recent CSD Grads

ASHA Leader Blog: Financial Tips for Recent CSD Grads

Part 1 of 2 posts focusing on recent SLP graduates starting their careers!

Congratulations! You’re the owner of a newly minted degree giving you access to a great career in speech and hearing sciences. Now what? The transition from college to a full-time career is exciting, a bit liberating and often overwhelming. Let’s talk about two financial areas where you should focus your attention as you job hunt this summer. Read more.

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ASHA Leader Blog: The Perfect Complement to Your School or Hospital Pension

My first guest post to the ASHA Leader blog! 

If your employer provides a pension, be happy. A pension provides a powerful retirement tool in your arsenal. The jovial folks at the Department of Labor and National Association of State Retirement Administrators estimate 85 percent of state and local government employees participate in a defined benefit pension. I’m looking at you, public school clinicians. If you work at a federally operated hospital (like a Veterans Affairs facility) or institution, this applies to you, too. Even many nongovernment-operated hospitals offer pensions.